Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Guidelines in the Implementation of Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)

TESDA Circular No. 08 series of 2010
Date Issued: May 12, 2010
Effectivity: May 12, 2010
Supersedes: TESDA Circular No. 20 series of 2009 dated June 1, 2009

To ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the 2010 Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA) scholarships, the following operations guidelines are hereby issued:

I. General Policies:

1.1 PESFA scholarship programs shall be directed to area-based critical skills that respond to emerging and highly in-demand job requirements in the local and overseas labor market and shall be purposively driven in accordance with the Seek-Find-Train-Certify-Employ policy of TESDA;

1.2 Double availment is not allowed;

1.3 The containment policy shall be adopted for administrative, financial and monitoring efficiency;

1.4 The implementation of PESFA scholarship programs thru the Group Training Scheme (GTS) is hereby lifted. Thus, the scholar will be given option to enroll in any private TVI of his/her choice and not in an exclusive or pre-identified training provider. This is in line with the principle of freedom of choice in an open and competitive training market;

1.5 Mandatory Assessment of all PESFA scholars is hereby reiterated. However, the cost of Assessment and Certification shall be borne by the PESFA scholar, the rates of which are in accordance with the TESDA Board Resolution Nos. 2007-15 and 2007-18 as contained in TESDA Circular No. 36 series of 2008, dated October 3, 2008;

1.6 The TESDA Metrics of Performance are Employment Rate and Certification Rate. As such, the performance of the TVIs availing of the PESFA Scholarship Vouchers shall be evaluated on the same metrics based on the 2008 Impact Evaluation Study (IES)national average Employment Rate of at least 55% within job search of 6 months and Certification Rate of 84% which shall be the basis of additional scholarship allocation. TVIs not achieving the target rate shall be delisted in the qualifying list of PESFA providers for a period of 1 year.

II. Scholarship Benefits

2.1 Free Career Profiling

2.2 Due to limited fund, the Training Support Fund (TSF) of P60.00 per day shall no longer be provided. Instead, the following allowances shall be provided in accordance with State Assistance Council Resolution (SAC) dated May 25, 2007 per computation below:

• Student Allowance of 2.80 per hour multiply by the nominal duration of the training program; and
• Book Allowance indicated below:

Training Nominal Duration
1-2 Months Php100
3-4 Months Php200
5-6 Months Php300
7-8 Months Php400
9-10 Months Php500

2.3 A separate TESDA Order shall be issued for the detailed Schedule of Costs per qualification to include full training cost, TSF and book allowance based on the list of qualifications and cluster of competencies with Training Regulations (WTR);

2.4 Employment referral services shall be provided by the TVIs and TESDA thru the Blue-Desks.

III. Scholar's Qualification

3.1 The PESFA scholarship programs are intended to the unemployed and underemployed. Generally, a PESFA scholar must:

1) be at least 18 years old on the completion of the training program;
2) be a high school graduate;
3) has taken the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) or has undergone the Youth Profiling for Starring Careers (YP4SC); and
4) have an annual family income of not more than Php120,000;

IV. Issuance of the Scholarship Vouchers

4.1 PESFA Scholarship Vouchers (SVs) shall be issued to the Regional Offices / Provincial / District Offices (ROPODOs) by TWSP-PMU per Qualification Map (QM)approved by the Regional Director in accordance with the approved PESFA Allocation per Memorandum of the Director General dated April 6, 2010;

4.2 The issuing ROPODOs shall issue the SV individually to the scholar, who in turn will present the SV to the private TVI he/she intends to enroll in;

4.3 The ROPODOs shall ensure that the scholar shall enroll only in TVIs with TESDA registered programs. Otherwise, the SVs shall be void and cannot be redeemed by the TVIs;

4.4 Appropriate Certificate of Training shall be issued by the TVIs after the completion of training and mandatory assessment of scholars.

V. Administrative and Financial Procedures

5.1 Funds shall be downloaded to the ROPODOs by OCSA based on approved QMs;

5.2 The ROPODOs shall pay the TVIs within fifteen (15) days from the date of submission of the following documents, subject to government auditing and accounting rules and regulations:

  • Billing Statements

  • Copy of SV duly signed by the scholar, the authorized signatories of the TVIs and TESDA Regional/Provincial/District Directors

  • MIS Form 03 (Enrolment & Terminal Reports

  • Result of Assessment (RWAC)

  • 5.3 The ROPODOs, RCO and OCSA shall reconcile the financial and physical implementation of PESFA scholarships at the end of calendar year 2010.

    VI. Monitoring and Reporting System

    6.1 The Monitoring and Reporting system shall be followed based on the MoNet Reporting Templates per Memorandum of Executive Director, Corporate Affairs Office, dated March 4, 2009;

    6.2 The Regional Coordination Office (RCO) and the TWSP-PMU shall monitor the implementation of PESFA at the national level.

    VII. Repealing Clause

    All issuances inconsistent with the above provisions are hereby rescinded or amended.

    VIII. Separability Clause

    Should any provision of these guidelines be declared by competent authority to be illegal or null and void, the same declaration shall not affect the rest of the provisions thereof.

    IX. Effectivity

    This circular shall take effect as indicated.

    Director General